Acclaimed Mystic and world-wide leader of the Ebionite Nazirene Restoration Movement that is working to restore the Original Gospel teachings that was suppressed by the Church of Rome.  The Soul of Allan Cronshaw spiritually came of age in his previous life as Jacob, whom we know as James, the person known historically as the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus (see -also- ).   In that life I authored the primary Gospel that was composed in Hebrew Characters (see The Original Spiritual Language Of The Gospels ), and as head of the Jerusalem Congregation, I worked with the first followers of Jesus in the creation of other Gospels.  My Soul entered this present life in order to restore the original Gospel teachings that were corrupted and suppressed by the Gentile Church (see ).  The man Jesus became Anointed (Messiah/Christ) by fulfilling the Law -- and he taught his followers and disciples how to fulfill the Law and become Anointed (see The Law Of The Gospels at ).  Jesus achieved the Final Stage of Birth which enabled him to be At-One with the Logos/Mind/Word/Son of God (see Coverture-Marriage - Was Jesus God? ).   The purpose of the Gospels is to enable the lost prodigal sons and daughters to become Anointed (Messiah/Christ), become At-One with the Logos/Word/Son of God in the same way that Jesus did, and be restored to the Edenic Kingdom. 


The Essene/Ebionite/Nazirene followers of Jesus were all strict vegetarians.  Why?  This spiritual fact and reality is fully explained at The Holographic Mind  Let me say that my own diet is designed to maintain the necessary spiritual "frequency and vibration" of mind that permits me to continue to tap into the experiences of all the past lives my Soul has lived -- to intellectually commune with my Higher Soul Self (HSS) that is a Being of Light (see  ) -- and diet and the frequency of mind is important to access the Wisdom of the Divine Mind that is the Source of all Consciousness as explored at The Cosmology Of The Divine Mind .

As a spiritual seeker, my heritage goes back to pre-Essene lives in Atlantis (see The Heritage Of Jesus ) who migrated out of the continent prior to its destruction.  In the first century my Soul incarnated with a group of highly advanced souls to free the people from the Mystery Religion environment by authoring the original Gospel teachings (see Scribe to Ya'kov/Jacob - -- ).  My fourth century life as an Ebionite was a spiritual turning point in that in additions to again achieving Soul-Birth and beyond (see The Divine Marriage ), I (1)  provided the path for my wife Florence to also achieve Soul-Birth, and (2) I orchestrated the preservation of important scriptures which the Church of Constantine was working to eradicate (see Ebionites )

In the recent article named: Is Fiction More Real Than Non-Fiction? , I portrayed my wife as a Buddhi (Enlightened Female Buddha) who in her past lives has achieved levels of Soul-Birth and Anointing/Christing that enables her to live what would be considered a lifestyle and mindset that manifests the foundation of tapping into one's Spiritual DNA.  This was ultra-important because it permitted her past life personalities to Jump Time (see Soul Symphony - Spiritual Cathedral  ) -- which provided me the ability to be born into a totally carnal-driven culture and communicate directly with my wife's past-life personalities who had lived highly advanced spiritual lives with me in that life and time-frame.  Which means that the two of us could be born into diabolical cultures such as during the Middle Ages when the rulers were burning seekers at the stake and every other sort of torture, and the two of us could easily tap into and restore the essence of our own spiritual selves through our relationship -- and like the Phoenix, spiritually arise and restore the Community of the Gospel Teachings -- which we did in many lives. 

When you achieve Soul-Birth while in the physical body, you have immediate access to all Truth across the Spectrum of Time and Being.  During the Middle Ages my wife and I continued to incarnate to bring about and maintain highly advanced Spiritual Communities -- as an example see Alchemical Transformation .  My life in the 18th century with a group of advanced Souls was to bring about our Constitutional form of government (see Thomas Paine Redux  AND American Revolution ) that provides the freedom for me to write and supply the resources to restore the Original Gospel Teachings that were corrupted by the Church (see The Law Of The Gospels ).      

What is the Truth?  The allegorical Gospel account of Jesus that the spiritually immature quote as historical, correctly states that you will "know them by their fruits".  The bottom line of which is What have you accomplished with the knowledge and revelation you have received?  And in view of the fact that my Soul entered this life to restore the Original Gospel Teachings that have been suppressed and corrupted by the Church, the Fruit of my efforts in this life is listed at the Master Index at  which has begun to be used by the people working to restore the Truth and TheWay.  At there is a listing of all my Blog articles spanning almost 20 years.  At  Direct Hyperlinks To Subheadings  there are hyperlinks to all the subject matter of all the web articles I wrote where I restored the Gospel Teachings.  At  many of the articles that support the Gospel restoration are listed.  At are many of the Replies I make to people in my defense of the Original Gospel Teachings.  At  are many of the quotations of historical resources that I often use to support my writings and replies to seekers.  And thus, all my work has been drawn from the experiences of my Soul's previous lives, from direct contact with my Higher Soul Self, and the guidance from the Divine Mind in the fulfillment of why I entered into this life in this incarnation.   

With the rise in Social Media, I have used the ID at more than this forum.  I also have the ID at -- as well as seventeen (17) spiritual groups that I own, others that I manage in conjunction with other seekers, as well as the countless spiritual groups that I am a member of.   




In the same way that the American Constitution bars the adoption of religion/spirituality by church or state, the continued growth of both church and state is dependent upon the censorship of the Facts and the Truth.  Which means that the survival of both Church and State in their present form, is dependent upon the censorship and suppression of Common Truths that are equally antithetical to the cultural foundation to both.   If you perform a Google search for Ebionite, you will find all the reference to all the articles associated with missing from the search.  And if you investigate the Natural Laws that your mental and spiritual advancement beyond the levels of organic (carnal) consciousness, you will find the spiritual-oriented references to the Law of Octaves ( ) missing from your search.   Both websites are the only source of information that present to the reader the Natural Laws that monitor and enable your mental development beyond organic (carnal) consciousness.  

The Coming Spiritual Rebirth And Restoration

Highly Advanced Souls are in the process of entering this world at this time to bring about a Spiritual Revolution.  I was told in Spirit not to be attached to any church or formal group. They wanted the restored Gospel teachings restored through me to be Universal.  The purpose my Soul entered into this life at this time is to restore the original Gospel teaching that were suppressed and outlawed by the Church of Rome. I do have a group of seekers who I have interacted with over the past 20 years. With respect to this group: No one is asked for any donations, and neither is donations requested on any of my websites or blogs. There is no conversion to anything. I have no church. I don't encourage anyone to join a church. Everything that I have written, is given to others free of charge. I do not peddle any books. I just write the truth that I support with facts. Enlightened Deists maintain that to tap into Higher Truth you must understand the Laws of Nature and Natures God -- which I convey to others and explain in great depth how the Laws work and function (see The Law Of Jacob's Ladder And Mental Advancement ). Once a person learns about the Natural Laws, and they advance up the rungs of the proverbial Jacob's Ladder -- they no longer need a teacher, a church, or any authority of this world. One of the primary objectives of the Gospel teachings was to learn exclusively from The One Teacher .  For the last 45 years my wife and I have assisted the ego or earthly self of people to connect with their True or Soul-Self (see ) that is a Being of Light (see ). And after they succeeded, their True-Self became their teacher. Thus, I have worked to set people free from the teachers, preachers and false shepherds of this world.

It is easily proven that the source of the Gospel teachings was founded upon the Essenes (see The Essenes And The Dead Sea Scrolls ) -- and not the Jews (see The Essene Foundation Of Judaism And Christianity ).   It is documented that the Essenes were Gnostic -- i.e., in the words of Dead Sea Scroll expert Prof. John Allegro in is book, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origins of Christianity, he writes: “It is a fact that the Qumran Library has profoundly affected the study of the Johannine writings and many longheld conceptions have had to be radically revised. No longer can John be regarded as the most Hellenistic of the Evangelists; his gnosticism, and the whole framework of his thought is seen now to spring directly from a Jewish sectarianism rooted in palestinian soil, and his material recognized as founded in the earliest layers of Gospel traditions.”  And the Essenes believed in the pre-existent soul that evolves to Completion and Wholeness over the course of many lives ( see Soul-Evolution - Reincarnation And Soul-Development ).  In his Antiquity of the Jews, the Jewish historian Josephus, who had lived among the Essenes, was a contemporary of the man Jesus, and became an Ebionite, stated that the Essenes: “…resigned up their souls with great alacrity, as expecting to receive them again.  For their doctrine is this, that bodies are corruptible, and that the matter they are made of is not permanent; but that the souls are immortal, and continue for ever; and that they came out of the most subtle air, and are united to their bodies as to prisons, into which they are drawn by a certain natural enticement; but that when they are set free from the bonds of flesh, they then, as released from a long bondage, rejoice and mount upward...”  It is documented that both the Essenes and the Jews at the time of Jesus openly believed in reincarnation (see The Biblical Foundation Mindset ).   It is easily proven that the pre-Nicene Church openly taught reincarnation (see The Early Church On Predestination  ).  And, it is easily proven that the Gospels were corrupted by the later Gentile Church (see Bible Corruption ), and that the essential teaching on the pre-existent Soul was removed by the Roman Emperors who ruled over the Church (see The Religion Of Roman Emperors ).  

Everything that I write (see Master Index) has been drawn either the indwelling Logos/Mind of God, or from the previous lives my Soul has lived, or has been taught to me in my own and my wife's journeys into the Inner Kingdom.  In that life of Jacob who they call James, the Brother of Yeshua who they call Jesus, we were born Essenes.  It is noteworthy that in the Gospel of the Nazirenes chap 2:7, it was said to Mary: "Therefore, Mary, do not eat any flesh, nor drink strong drink, for the child will be consecrated to God from your womb. He will neither take flesh nor strong drink, nor will he cut his hair."  Is there truth to the position that the mother of Jesus abstained from eating flesh, and did not cut his hair?  It is written of Jesus' brother by Eusebius Pamphilius regarding Jacob/James: “This apostle was consecrated from his mother’s womb. He drank neither wine nor fermented liquors, and abstained from animal food. A razor never came upon his head” [Eusebius’s Ecclesiastical History, p. 76].  St. Augustine wrote:  “St. James never ate animal food, living on seeds and vegetables, never tasting flesh or wine” [Ecclesiastical History, 2 Vols. Translated by H.J. Lawlor and J.E.L. Oulton].   In that life as Jacob/James, I authored the original Gospel that was composed in Hebrew Characters (see The Original Spiritual Language Of The Gospels ).   All other Gospels were then written by others in accord with the Original Gospel Teachings which are no longer observed today.

Wherever I use historical notations, citings and quotations throughout my extensive writings, these quotations are only used to support the spiritual knowledge drawn from the foregoing spiritual sources.   The author and visionary Philip K. Dick once wrote with respect to the original disciples of Jesus that:  "Christ ...taught his followers how to enter the kingdom while still alive, where other mystery religions only bring about amnesis: knowledge of it at the 'other time' in 'the other realm,' not here.  He causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos)."    This is true -- and that the original Gospel message was intended to prepare the disciple of TheWay to gain entrance into the Inner Kingdom, is easily demonstrated at the subheading: The Third Fatal Mistake - Not Proving The Truth.  In Truth, The Original Gospel Teachings Have Nothing In Common With Modern Church Dogma .

What my (Allan's) Soul-Self ( ) learned in the first century, was put into practice over the ensuing 2000 years where my Soul was sent back into this world to start numerous spiritual communities which served as a bedrock environment for other sincere seekers of Truth in TheWay.    While the Church was hunting down and burning mystic visionaries such as Gordaino Bruno at the stake (see Spiritual Religion), the soul of Allan Cronshaw was working with other sincere seekers to guide them into the Light of TheWay.  By applying the principles and teachings that the historical man Jesus revealed to his closest disciples, the soul who is presently Allan was again able to tap into his higher Soul-Self which is a Being of Light (see ) -- and it is through this conscious spiritual interaction that enabled Allan to restore the original teachings associated with the historical man Jesus and TheWay.   These important restored writings which contain much of the higher knowledge that was suppressed by the Church of Rome, is now explored throughout the writings which have come to be known as TheWay of the Nazirene (see Master Index).

When P.D.Ouspensky wrote in his book, In Search Of The Miraculous with respect to the Enneagram being a symbol of Consciousness: "Speaking in general it must be understood that the enneagram is a universal symbol. All knowledge can be included in the enneagram and with the help of the enneagram it can be interpreted. And in this connection only what a man is able to put into the enneagram does he actually know, that is, understand. What he cannot put into the enneagram he does not understand. For the man who is able to make use of it, the enneagram makes books and libraries entirely unnecessary. Everything can be included and read in the enneagram. A man may be quite alone in the desert and he can trace the enneagram in the sand and in it read the eternal laws of the universe. And every time he can learn something new, something he did not know before."  Take particular note of the words "...For the man who is able to make use of it, the enneagram makes books and libraries entirely unnecessary."    And it is this Knowledge of the Laws that the original core disciples of Jesus and TheWay understood, that made them convey to others that there is only One Teacher which is portrayed as The True Prophet.    And this is demonstrated in the words of the Apostle Peter who is quoted in the Homilies of his disciple Clement: Hence, O beloved Clement, if you would know the things pertaining to God, you have to learn them from Him alone, because He alone knows the truth. For if any one else knows anything, he has received it from Him or from His disciples”.  

According to Socrates and Plato, the most important forms of knowledge come not from formal instruction, but by a re-awakening of already existing dormant or latent knowledge that exists within our own mind and being.  This is called anamnesis.  Under the heading of Anamnesis (Philosophy), the Wikipedia states: It is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists of rediscovering that knowledge within us. The article then goes on to say: Socrates' response is to develop his theory of anamnesis. He suggests that the soul is immortal, and repeatedly incarnated; knowledge is actually in the soul from eternity...  What one perceives to be learning, then, is actually the recovery of what one has forgotten. (Once it has been brought back it is true belief, to be turned into genuine knowledge by understanding.) And thus Socrates (and Plato) sees himself, not as a teacher, but as a midwife, aiding with the birth of knowledge that was already there in the student.  

Allan is very much proof of the above statements by Ouspensky, the Apostle Peter, the visionary Philip K. Dick, as well as Socrates and Plato.   While Allan formally only has a high school education, he recently retired from Verizon as a corporate manager and software engineer.    Allan has authored numerous articles which are read and known world-wide by seekers who search out the original teachings of Jesus -- teachings that enable the seeker to fulfill the adage to Know Thyself (see ), and begin tapping into the Inner Source of Light that is our True Self.   He has been a speaker at such estemed groups as The Conference On Human Consciousness And Human Evolution (see Conference).

A person of a linear-mindset who equates wisdom and knowledge as being the product of a formal education, will very likely question the credentials of Allan Cronshaw who has never undergone the formal study of philosophy, theology or science.    Yet, the linear-minded person seems to forget the very words of Einstein who reasoned: “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”   Mystics have long warned mankind that the reality of this world of appearances is not at all what is seems to be through the perception of man's physical eyes and senses (see The Outer Darkness Of Mind And Being And Plato's Cave  ) -- i.e., that there is a great deal more that man's senses and perception cannot detect or even imagine.   And this same enigma of the limits of man's physical senses and liner-based mindset was noted by Albert Einstein who concluded with respect to man's dilemma when he stated: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."   To our own demise our culture has waged war on the Intuitive Gift that Einstein and other visionaries and mystics have portrayed as the answer to our self-imposed limitations of mind and spirituality (see Academia And The Feminist Cultural War On Women ).

An important insight into the very essence, purpose and higher spiritual objectives of the original teachings of Jesus that came to be portrayed as TheWay, is contained in an article in the Encyclopedia Britannica under the heading, The History of Christian Mysticism, where it reads: “Although the essence of mysticism is the sense of contact with the transcendent, mysticism in the history of Christianity should not be understood merely in terms of special ecstatic experiences but as part of a religious process lived out within the context of the Christian community. From this perspective mysticism played a vital part in the early church. Early Christianity was a religion of the spirit that expressed itself in the heightening and enlargement of human consciousness”    What is expressed in these words is of the utmost importance.   Why?   Because the original teachings of Jesus was not the blind faith and belief in a prophet or god-man -- but rather, the means to transform all Christian disciples of TheWay into prophets and mystics as demonstrated in the words: "...From this perspective mysticism played a vital part in the early church. Early Christianity was a religion of the spirit that expressed itself in the heightening and enlargement of human consciousness”.   But, we must then pose the question: Just what is a "...religion of the spirit"?    Like an astronaut who travels beyond the limits of the earth's atmosphere into outer space, a spiritual religion prepares the seeker/disciple to transcend the barrier of this physical world, and enter into what the biblical authors portrayed as the Kingdom of God which Jesus taught was within us.   But to accomplish this spiritual transcendence, you had to first prepare the physical body to make it an environment that would permit "...the heightening and enlargement of human consciousness” to be brought about -- and this requires a great amount of effort and preparation.

Throughout the countless past lives where I (Allan)  had attained a condition of Anointed Enlightenment, not once had I ever undergone in any manner what could be portrayed as a formal education.   Why?   Because as Einstein basically states (“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”), when you over-develop the linear servant, and impede the development of the intuitive gift, it becomes very difficult to bring about the necessary  "...heightening and enlargement of human consciousness”  to the degree that one can evolve through the subsequent stages of birth, achieve Oneness with one's higher Soul-self, and open the inner "narrow strait gate" to the Kingdom within.    From the perspective of a Darwinist based foundation, there is very little in our present-day system of education that prepares the seeker/disciple to institute the necessary inner connection to their higher Soul-self.   In the words of the author and visionary Philip K. Dick in his The Ten Principles Of The Gnostic Revelation when he portrays the realty of the person you are in this world to that of your higher soul-self where he wrote: "Each of us has a divine counterpart unfallen who can reach a hand down to us to awaken us. This other personality is the authentic waking self; the one we have now is asleep and minor..."   He then goes on to explain with respect to the person we are in this world who the conditions of their upbringing has alienated them from their true self, thereby causing the person to  "...split with the reality principle early in life, and so to speak willingly fall asleep in delusion."   And it is this state of delusion that is portrayed by Plato in his Cave of Illusions -- which can only be reversed through the process of what Plato and Socrates portray as "anamnesis" -- wherein the seeker/disciple begins to tap into the higher reality of "...the soul [which] is immortal, and repeatedly incarnated" -- relearning the "...knowledge [that] is actually in the soul from eternity..."  And in conclusion Plato concludes: "What one perceives to be learning, then, is actually the recovery of what one has forgotten" -- a process that can only be accomplished through the developmental balance of the linear-intellectual and intuitive spheres of mind.   

In this life it was necessary to bring about that condition of mind where I would be intuitively connected to my higher Soul-self, while simultaneously able to write.   And thus, in order to fulfill my purpose in this life, it was necessary for me to develop the necessary balance between the Intuitive and Linear.  

 Allan Cronshaw



The Ten Key Points

Of The Original Teachings Of TheWay


1) The Original Gospel Teachings were designed to enable the lost prodigal sons and daughters to escape the power of the consciousness of this world which holds them as a type of prisoner. 

2) To escape the prison of this world, one must (as stated in the parable of the prodigal son) "come to their senses", and begin the process of seeking their own restoration to the Inner Kingdom.  

3) To come to Know Thyself -- i.e., the Soul-Self that is eternal -- the self that is a Being of Light that remains directly and consciously connected to Creator-God -- the self that is not incarnate in the body, has little in common with the person we are in this world, and transcends man's human consciousness and condition -- the self that Jesus made reference to in the Gospel Of Thomas when he stated: "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty".

4) By emerging out of the "outer darkness" (see Outer Darkness) -- and thereby coming to Know One's True Self (see, this will then enable us to Know God -- not through dogma, faith or belief, but through the same Oneness as our brother Jesus.   In the Revelation it is stated with respect to the Divine Manna or Sacred Knowledge of the Kingdom: "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God" (Rev 2:7) -- and therefore, you must seek out and understand the reality of the twelve spheres of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Duality within your own Mind and Being.  

5) Having the Knowledge of the Laws of Creation revealed to us by the Indwelling Logos (see The True Prophet), only then are we in the position to bring about the necessary subsequent stages of birth that transforms us into an Enlightened Being of Light.

6) In the Gospel it states that the people of this world dwell in the "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness) -- wherein, because they have yet to put on the required "wedding garment" of purity that is required, they have become mentally and spiritually disenfranchised from both their true self (, as well as our Heavenly Father.   

7) In order to be restored to the Kingdom, the seeker must therefore re-acquire the knowledge that permits the prodigal son (who we are), to return to the Edenic Kingdom from which we originally emerged, and is our true Home.

8) To bring about that transformation of the physical that permits us to comprehend the Truths which the biblical authors all portray as inconceivable to man in his "natural" organic condition of mind and being, we must (by imitation) as set forth in the Gospels, travail in TheWay that Jesus taught -- putting on the required "wedding garment" of purity -- and in Wholeness seek to be transformed into the Living Final Temple (see Final Temple).

9) This world is God's Divine Schoolhouse (see Divine Strategery) wherein, the prodigal sons and daughters are subject to the Laws that were enacted in the Alpha of Creation, in order to evolve each and every soul to a condition of Wholeness and Completion in the Omega of mankind's Destiny in the Kingdom.  

10) To become spiritually Empowered and Anointed to the degree that we are a worthy servant and guide to our fellow brothers and sisters -- thereby removing the beam from our own eyes, so as to assist our brothers and sisters to prevail over the carnal ignorance and sufferings that consume those who remain slaves to the god and power of this world.


The Ten Key Instructions

Of The Original Teachings Of TheWay

1) Seek to keep the Commandments of the Lord as set forth in the Gospels.  Love the Lord and do unto your brothers as you would have them do unto you.

2) Endeavor to become what is portrayed in the parable of the Sower And The Seed as the "good ground" in body and mind -- with an open mind to the Higher Revelation of the Living Word.

3) To be ever faithful to one's spouse -- and to build within one's marriage the Consecrated Temple of Love and Light (see The Divine Marriage).

4) Seek the Truth.  Each of us exists at different rungs of the proverbial Jacob's Ladder -- as stated in the Gospel Of The Nazirenes: "God gives you all truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth which seems today, you will abandon for the higher truth tomorrow. Press toward perfection" -- therefore, each of us must strive to live the level of Truth that we have received, in Word, Thought, Desire and Deed.

5) The scriptures are the developmental text-book for the lost prodigal sons and daughters who dwell in this world.  Therefore, seekers of TheWay must learn to apply the scriptures within their own mind and being as the Key of Knowledge -- seeking to enter in the "narrow strait gate" which gives entrance to the Inner Kingdom.

6) By Divine Design, all people are subject to the Tower of Babel Syndrome -- they all see the world differently and speak a different language as presented at The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind.    When we judge them, without discernment through the intuitive empathetic understanding as set forth in The Solution To The Segmented Mind, then we both slam the door to our own progress in TheWay, and bring judgment upon ourselves.  

7) Seek to edify and purify the body-vessel (see to fulfill the Royal Law and transform self into the Consecrated Living Temple as set forth in the Pistis Sophia (Faith Wisdom): "Do not desist from seeking by day and by night, until you find the purifying mysteries of the light, which refine the body of matter and make it a pure light very refined."

8) The most popular scripture used in the first century was the Shepherd of Hermas which portrays those who walk in TheWay as being married to the Lord.  Thus, those who walk in the way of this world are portrayed as an adulteress: " is adultery, if a man pollute his flesh, but whosoever doeth things like unto the heathen committeth adultery. If therefore in such deeds as these likewise a man continue and repent not, keep away from him, and live not with him.  Otherwise, thou also art a partaker of his sin."

9) "Be temperate as to what is evil, and do it not; but be not temperate as to what is good, but do it. For if thou be temperate as to what is good, so as not to do it, thou committest a great sin; but if thou be temperate as to what is evil, so as not to do it, thou doest great righteousness. Be temperate therefore in abstaining from all wickedness, and do that which is good'." ( Shepherd of Hermas )

10) Do not seek after that which belongs to another"...neither touch that which is another man's, nor lust after it; for it is wicked to lust after other men's possessions." ( Shepherd of Hermas - see also Social Justice And The Natural Laws)


Unless the Son of God personally teaches you the meaning of these symbols, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

Quoting From The Pistis Sophia (Faith Wisdom): Jesus said, “But if he shall have sinned once, twice, or thrice, they shall reject that soul, sending it back again into the world according to the form of the sins that it may have committed; the form whereof I will declare unto you hereafter.   But verily, verily I say unto you, that even the righteous man that hath committed no sin at all cannot be brought into the Kingdom of Light, forasmuch the seal of the mysteries of that kingdom is not found upon him.  Once for all, I say unto you, a soul cannot be brought into the kingdom, if it be without the mysteries of the Kingdom of the Light.”

A True Seeker desires to be Possessed by the Truth -- And the Truth Alone.   The True seeker therefore desires to know and accept the truth, even if it runs contrary to their present system of belief.   The True Measure of intellect is seen in the ability of a seeker to re-evaluate what they believe to be true when additional and clarifying knowledge is received, and then apply this knowledge in their life so as to intimately embrace the higher truth that has been revealed in the endeavor to receive still Higher Truth.   The True Seeker is portrayed in the Gospel of the Nazirenes in the words: "God gives you all truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth which seems today, you will abandon for the higher truth tomorrow. Press toward perfection."  The Seeker Knows that in order to pull himself up on the next rung of the proverbial Jacob's Ladder, he must abandon his hold on the rung that he previously clung to.    


I am Allan Cronshaw, and I have spent 45 years assisting seekers to explore their past lives -- learning the lessons of history first-hand -- and bringing them into the presence of their True Self that is a Being of Light.   When the person you are in this world meets your Source and True Self, it can have a profound effect on the way you think and interact with all of mankind.   To be confronted with the stark reality that your True Self knows all, sees all, and has the potential to be a True Light to all your brothers and sisters who dwell in what has often been portrayed by mystics and visionaries as the dark ignorance of this lower realm of shadows and illusions -- can be a totally enlightening experience.   Those who I have successfully guided into the presence of their True Self, very quickly discover that the primary objective of life in this world is to become your True Self -- and like the Phoenix, arise out of the purifying flames of regeneration and walk the earth in their true form as a Being of Light.  

The path of the mystic and spiritual seeker has always been to bring about and initiate the necessary subsequent stages of birth and spiritual transformation within the body and mind of the seeker of Truth.   To become all that you can be, through the process of self-discovery, whereby you become what you truly are.    The sacred knowledge that has been long suppressed, is the Cosmology of Mind and Being that enables the person to fulfill the wisdom of the ancient visionaries who set forth the adage to Know Thyself.   On the Delphi Oracle it is written: "Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods" -- and this is true beyond most people's wildest imagining.    As a mystic and visionary, I have spent the last 40 years as a guide assisting others, to find within themselves, what others seek without.   

The place of all-knowing is the higher reality of the soul -- the dwelling place I often portray as the Realm of Souls.   What we in these teachings portray as our higher soul-self, is the true being that each of us is -- and in our natural reality, we are a Being Of Light (see ) -- All-Knowing, Sphere of Intellectual Light and Being.   In what we portray as the Cosmology of Mind and Being that is personified in the statement of the Gospel of Thomas ( "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty"  [see ]) -- in the holographic pattern of Creation we can be portrayed as a single neuron in the mind of our higher soul-self -- our higher soul-self can be portrayed as a single neuron in the Logos -- and the Logos is defined as the Mind of God.





WHOLENESS - "They that are whole have no need of Jesus the physician..., I came not to call the righteous..." (Mark 2:17).

The facts easily prove that modern Christianity has virtually nothing in common with the Original Gospel Teachings of Jesus and TheWay. 

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Who Was Yeshua/Jesus?

The question was posed to me with respect to the historical man Yeshua/Jesus: How can you be his brother, I have been reading that Yeshua did not exist. What is this theory about?

My answer: Those who say that Yeshua never existed, are merely stating the fact that the scriptures are not historical accounts.   While there was an historical holy man named Yeshua who prevailed over the Laws within himself by totally fulfilling the Royal Law -- thereby, becoming One with the Indwelling Logos of God -- those who have themselves picked up their own cross and travailed in TheWay, have known all along that the scriptures were never intended to be used as historical accounts in the manner that ideologues and counterfeit shepherds have used them -- often for their own personal gain, or what Paul portrayed as "peddling Christ" (2 Cor 2:17).   As stated in the article An Inconvenient Truth, the purpose and the true meaning of the scriptures is not what ideologues who promote a dogma want them to mean -- but rather, what the original intention and purpose the authors had in writing them.   And in the the Key of Knowledge article at the subheading entitled Inconsistencies Intentionally Written Into The Scriptures, it is documented that untruths as well as events that could not have transpired were strategically inserted into the text of the narratives of the scriptures so they could not be read literally or historically.   Why?   Because the objective of the authors was not to create an historical account -- but rather, to create and preserve the spiritual path that the seeker must follow in their search for Truth and the Kingdom.   In fact, the scriptures were composed so that an intelligent seeker would begin to dismiss the accuracy and/or reality of what is presented literally/historically, and begin to seek out the inner spiritual meaning.

What those who deny the existence of the historical man Yeshua are stating, is that the accounts reported in the Gospels could never have taken place in the manner that they are presented.  And they are not only correct.  But they have arrived at the intelligent conclusion which the authors of the scriptures intended them to recognize.   Which means that they can either (1) dismiss the scriptures and never seek out the true purpose, objective and meaning; or, (2) they can seek out how to utilize the scriptures as the intended Key of Knowledge, in the endeavor to acquire the Sacred Secrets of Life and the Kingdom of God.

The bottom line is this: We are the lost prodigal sons who dwell under the power and control of what is portrayed in the parable as the "citizen" (god) of this world.   In order to return to the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father, we must enter in what the Gospels portray as the "narrow strait gate" within us (see The Third Fatal Mistake).   But to accomplish this, the seeker must prevail over the Laws that keep him consciously bound to this world, and follow the pattern of return which was set forth and accomplished by the historical man Yeshua. And this is why when the words "repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand" is properly translated in accord with their original meaning and intent, the meaning is to "open and unloose the mind, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" (see The Kingdom Within). And while the reported events in the scriptures are not true outwardly, when rightly understood they are true inwardly -- within the mind of the seeker who travails in TheWay.

An intelligent person would of course pose the question: If this is true, then why didn't the the authors of the scriptures convey to the reader that there is a spiritual meaning that is not apparent in the written text? Well, they did. But the ideologues of the Church who peddled religion for their own and the Church's personal gain, corrupted the scriptures in order to make them support their predefined dogma (see ). It must be remembered that Rome was the seat of paganism -- and the foundation of Church dogma is very much pagan with the historical Jesus redefined as the incarnation of the Mithric sun-god. So, they edited and corrupted the scriptures in order to make them support the dogma of pagan Rome.

No sincere seeker or believer would edit what they believed to be the Words of God spoken directly to mankind. To do so would be placing one's self in a position of superiority over God.   Yet, this is exactly what the fourth century Church which the Roman Emperor Constantine created did (see ).   As demonstrated in the example of Paul of Samosata, the positions of priest, bishop and scribe within the Church were political and secular, and those who were portrayed as orthodox towed the line of the Roman dogmatic Church.   Resulting in the fact that the most important Gospel teachings were either edited to support the paganism of Rome, or totally removed.  And in corrupting the words (of God) reportedly spoken at the baptism of Yeshua/Jesus in the Jordan, has had the effect of casting the Church into a self-imposed Spiritual Diaspora.

The historical man Yeshua completed the journey of the soul, and was the first of the prodigal sons to return to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination.   The original authors of the scriptures fully recognized that the Church which was to come into being, would be used by the "citizen" (god/power) of this world, to continue to enslave mankind by corrupting the Gospel message (see The Church Of The Anti-Christ).   The soul of the man who lived as the historical Yeshua, achieved the supreme level of Holiness, over the course of countless lifetimes as a true seeker of Truth and the Kingdom and God.   But it was decided that I would remain incarnating in the earth, in order to act as a spiritual guide for other sincere seekers -- which I have done over the past 2000 years.  To some degree this is explained on this website?   It is easily demonstrated that even using a corrupted Bible, it is easily proven that the whole dogmatic foundation of the Church is counterfeit from an original Gospel perspective (see The Ten Minute Test).   Additionally, it is not an accident that both the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the Nag Hammadi Library were discovered, and the modern-day technology has permitted me to self-publish the Truth and TheWay which restores the original teachings which were suppressed by the Church.   And what this means is that no sincere seeker has an excuse for remaining dogmatically shackled in their search for Truth and TheWay, any longer. If the Kingdom is within you as Yeshua taught (see The Third Fatal Mistake) -- and it is within the innate of every prodigal son and daughter to seek and enter therein -- then no one has an excuse for remaining spiritually complacent. All that the historical man Yeshua accomplished, is equally the Destiny of all of mankind -- i.e, "Go instead to my brothers and tell them, 'I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'" (John 20:17 NIV -- see The Greatest Hoax And Fraud Ever Perpetuated Upon Mankind).  And since it is within the ability of every prodigal son to prove the Truth, then every person is personally responsible for seeking that Truth. And you don't need me -- because every one of mankind has the One Teacher at the Core of their mind and being (see The True Prophet) -- with the only requirement being to live the Truth and TheWay in word, thought, desire and deed.

In a subsequent reply I explained: In everything I write, I stress the point that each of us has an inner soul-self (see that sees all things as they truly are -- that theoretically, possesses greater knowledge than all the libraries of mankind -- that at the Core of our Mind and Being is the Logos that is All Knowing and All-Seeing.   And that this world is God's Divine School House where the lost prodigal sons and daughters are in the process of spiritually evolving from the Alpha of dark ignorance, to the Omega of Enlightened Light.   In nearly everything I publish I write that Jesus was a man -- just like everyone else -- and that he was the first of the prodigal sons to return to his Source in the Omega.   I reject all assertions that Jesus needed a teacher, a yogi, guru, or any secret order.  All of mankind equally has a higher soul-self that is the product of all the lives that it has lived -- and all of mankind has at the core of their being a direct connection to God through the Logos.

In order for the individual mind of the seeker/disciple to develop and be in a position to even begin to connect with their higher soul-self, and ultimately the Logos of God, the mental obstacles must be removed, and they must live the necessary lifestyle that makes them the "good ground" in the parable of the Sower and the Seed.  In order to assist the seeker in opening their mind to their higher soul-self, I examine the reality of the Cosmology of Mind and Being (see ).  I explain the Laws that confront us -- I explain the interaction of the dynamic male and female forces and realities of Creation -- I explain the allegory of what appears to be concrete matter -- the illusion of Time. I explain why it is important that men and women perceive and think from opposite perspectives of reality. I explain impressions as food which in the proper environment, stimulates the expansion of mind and spiritual being.

In the same way that each person is the offspring of their physical parents -- on a higher level of mind and being, each of us is the fruit of our Spiritual DNA.  The historical man Jesus knew and became the embodiment of the Mysteries and Sacred Knowledge of Creation, because he had spent lifetimes seeking the Divine Manna of the Kingdom -- and manifesting this Sacred Knowledge throughout every aspect of his life.  Each of us is very much the fruit of our own previous actions.   I am what I am -- and I know what I know -- because of (1) my countless lives as a seeker of Truth and the Kingdom -- (2) because of my lives in service to the betterment and enlightenment of my brothers and sisters.   It was not an accident of nature that I was born into the historical role of the person known as Jacob, the brother of Yeshua/Jesus.   Neither was it fate or chance that the men who became the disciples of Jesus, were chosen for that role before they entered into that life.   In all instances they were born into the role they would afterward live out.  

It is well documented in the Gospels that ONLY the closest disciples of Jesus could gain entrance in what was portrayed as being In The House, while everyone else was taught in parables because of the inability of the "natural" organic mind of man to comprehend with the necessary depth of spiritual comprehension.    And this is why it is stated in the Epistle of Peter to James that if the body of esoteric knowledge was to become lost, that " will remain even for those who really seek the truth, always to wander in error" (see Always To Wander In Error).    Having myself consciously dwelt  In The House in many lifetimes, I understand the Laws, and I can therefore invoke the Laws in virtually any given lifetime to bring about my own spiritual regeneration -- which my soul has accomplished over the course of many lifetimes.   And if we pose the question:  What Laws?   The Laws that can be portrayed as the Law of Opposites -- the Laws of Action and Reaction -- the Law of Three and Seven -- and perhaps most importantly, the Law of Wholeness -- i.e., he that is Whole need not a physician.   I understand that each person begins their journey in this life as 1/144,000th of the Whole.  That the Tower of Babel syndrome is based upon the different perceptions of a segmented mind (see Segmented Mind).   That when we begin to understand that what we see and think we see, is the reflection of the 144,000 fragments of our own self -- and when we judge instead of discern and understand, that we limit and inhibit our own development.   And only when we are able to employ empathetic-projection into the lives of our brothers and sisters which triangulates the outer reflection with the inner fragment of self that is revealed in that reflected image -- are we then able to bring about the necessary expansion of mind that enables us to prevail and overcome against the Laws.  

I am the fruit and result of my Spiritual DNA.   There is nothing that I know, or can accomplish, that is not the Destiny of every other person.   Teachers, rabbis, priests, yogis, gurus and so called masters in this world, in the vast majority of instances, cause greater harm to the seeker.   I have no university degrees -- I have never had a teacher -- I even abandoned reading books -- and when I began as a seeker of Truth, I had to basically unlearn everything that others attempted to teach me.   But I find this same acknowledgment in men such as Einstein who wrote: “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” And this is true for most people beyond even their ability to imagine.   Another relevant quotation of Einstein is this: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  So long as man remains ignorant of his Divine Heritage and Source of Being.   Even worse is when men imagine that they are the offspring of apes.   So long as man continues to idolize and worship Jesus, gurus, masters or other people -- they will remain disenfranchised from their Source of Being.   Everything I know, I learned from my higher soul-self -- which is the product of lifetimes of seeking to be taught by the Inner Logos and dwelling in the Kingdom.   And neither myself, or the man who lived as the historical Jesus, are anything more than what all of mankind is capable of being.


 The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution

Allan Cronshaw was a speaker at the 2014

 The Conference For Consciousness And Human Evolution in London 




Opening Conference Summary

"Know Thyself - The Higher Reality Of The Soul And The Cosmology Of Mind And Being”


In our Natural State, we are Beings of Light -- our souls evolving from sparks in the Divine Mind -- to a Fullness that few men have even been able to contemplate.   In the beginning, Natural Law came into being and was invoked, and this Natural Law will insure that every individual soul will evolve to its Ultimate Spiritual Destiny (see  We were Created in the Image, and dwell within a Holographic Divine Pattern that is replicated into all aspects of Creation -- wherein, all that exists within the Macrocosm, also exists within us as the microcosm.   When rightly understood, the scriptures were authored by Mystics (see An Inconvenient Truth) who had successfully overcome the limitations of what can best be realized as the Illusions or Allegorical Allusions of Plato's Cave, which the Gospels portray as the "outer darkness" of Mind and Being (see Outer Darkness).   And because mankind dwells in a Holographic Reality, the authors of the scriptures could employ the symbols of the scriptures as catalysts which had the ability of connecting man's outer realty which he experiences in this world, with his inner reality in order to attain Wholeness and Restore the connection to his Higher Soul-Self -- enabling him to walk the earth in his true form as an Enlightened And Anointed Being of Light.   Therefore, all the prophecies that have been allegorically set forth throughout the world's scriptures and sacred writings, make reference to the Coming of the Kingdom within us, as we climb the proverbial Jacob's Ladder and achieve the condition of Wholeness to evolve through the necessary subsequent stages of Birth.

The Gospel of Thomas declares: "When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty... Whoever finds himself is superior to the world".  The Gospel of Thomas does not proclaim that if you don't know God, you dwell in poverty -- because it is impossible to Know God, without first fulfilling the ancient adage to Know Thyself.   And man cannot know the higher reality of his Soul, until be reforms the Divine Pattern portrayed in the allegorical account of Adam and Eve, into a Condition of abiding Oneness within himself. "The soul...", writes St. Teresa, is as “a castle made of a single diamond… in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions”. (see Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila).

Our souls -- i.e., our Higher Soul-Self -- is asexual, in that it is the balance of all that the Fullness of Man and Woman Embodies -- dwelling in Perfect Harmony and Wholeness.   And while we exist in this world as an embryonic image of our higher soul-selves (see Man As An Embryonic Soul-Image ), so long as we remain divided across the spectrum of the polarities of male and female, it will remain virtually impossible for us to embrace our Ultimate Destiny.   Because of the Holographic Divine Pattern, each of us was born into this world as a Cosmic Ovum and Sperm that must be reunited within us, in order to be restored to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination (   In the Gospel of Thomas the disciples posed the question to Jesus: "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?" To which question Jesus replied: "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; ...then will you enter the kingdom."

The historical man Jesus overcame and prevailed over the Law within himself -- thereby achieving a condition of Anointed Oneness with the Indwelling Logos (Mind) of God. Having prevailed, the historical man Jesus then taught his disciples to accomplish the same within themselves. In what is known as the Epistle of Peter To James it is written that if this sacred esoteric knowledge that was imparted to the disciples of Jesus was to become lost, that " will remain even for those who really seek the truth, always to wander in error"!  Fortunately, the body of sacred esoteric knowledge remains preserved within the allegorical text of the scriptures -- which when used as the Key of Knowledge and turned within self, has the potential to open the "narrow strait gate" within mankind that gives entrance to the Inner Kingdom.   For almost 2000 years, those few who possessed this body of sacred esoteric knowledge were deemed heretics who were hunted down and silenced.  Yet, in the revolution of time, those few who possessed this body of knowledge are now free to openly speak of man's higher soul-reality and the Kingdom, without the threat of death.  And thus, mankind is on the cusp of entering an Enlightened Age where he can once again walk in the Garden with the Lord.


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Know Thyself: The Gospel of Thomas confirms the little understood adage of the ancient Wise Men, Mystics and Visionaries when it makes the statement: "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty".   The Gospel does not say that if you don't know God you dwell in poverty.   It very clearly reiterates the wisdom of the oracles of the ancient enlightened wise men of man's more distant past and states that if you fail to Know Thyself, then you know virtually nothing of any real substance and value.   If we could somehow transport one of the wise men of the past and bring them before our most esteemed halls of learning today, they would have no other alternative than to admit that modern man dwells in abject intellectual poverty.    If the man Jesus was transported across time and brought before our Churches today, he would have to acknowledge the fact that modern Christianity has absolutely nothing in common with the original Gospel teachings of TheWay.   And no doubt, he would be run out of the Churches as an impostor and a heretic.   The Church burnt mystics who spoke openly at the stake (see Spiritual Religion) -- and if Pope Francis encountered the soul who lived as St. Francis today, the pope would reject every word his namesake would say.   In a little acknowledged first century writing known as the Epistle of Peter To James, it is written that if the body of esoteric teachings that could only be revealed to the core followers and disciples of Jesus were to become lost, that  " will remain even for those who really seek the truth, always to wander in error" -- and the validity of these profound words have come upon us and been proven correct today.    Why?   Because modern man with all but a very few exceptions, fails to understand what can be portrayed as the Cosmology of Mind that is necessary to comprehend the blueprint of one's own being.  

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The Holographic Divine Pattern: Mystics have long held that there is a Divine Pattern of Creation that is holographically replicated into each of the parts.   This is expressed in the Genesis account of Creation in the words: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."   That man was Created in the image and likeness of God, has further been expressed in the words: As Above, So Below -- and what is true of the Macrocosm, is also true of the microcosm.    And when rightly understood, all of Creation is imbued with the polarities of male and female -- and what is called the Third-Force balance of Mind which has been portrayed by the ancients as the Logos.  The ancient wise men understood the Trinity to be the embodiment of Mother/Father God -- and the Third-Force Balance which was the Logos or Mind of God.   Mystics have long embraced the pattern of Duality of all of Creation -- and the Doctrine of the Trinity is merely a representation of the All-Pervading Male/Female Pattern, along with the Third-Force Balance of Mind.   And that this Divine Pattern is holographically replicated into all of Creation -- and that man and woman has the innate potential to become One with the Logos or Mind of God -- is the basis and foundation of all the world's religions.  






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TheGift is a three part mini-series presenting what the New Testament authors portrayed as the Incomprehensible Mysteries of the Soul and Creation -- ultra-important teachings that were suppressed by the Church.  While to their own detriment modern Christians ignore the warning of Paul that because organic "natural" man is of an "animal-soul" level of consciousness, and that he is incapable of comprehending the spiritual meaning of the Gospel (see Organic Man Ruled Over By His Lower Animal Nature @ ).  Further ignoring the warning of Paul that what they believe is a series of allegorical Gospel accounts (see An Inconvenient Truth @ ) that can only be perceived and understood by the few who possess the "eyes to see" -- and the transformed mind that permits the seeker/disciple to understand what is incomprehensible to organic "natural" man. 


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The Objective Of Life Is Oneness

With Our Soul/Higher Self

And Ultimately Our Heavenly Father God



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The Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus: 2000 years ago I lived as Jacob who many call James, and I was known as the Brother of Yeshua and the first leader of the New Covenant movement of TheWay which is today known as Christianity.  I was sent back into the world to restore the teachings of my brother Yeshua to their original spiritual essence, and to guide you in TheWay that is "narrow" so you will be able to open the "strait gate" within you and enter the Kingdom that Yeshua declared must be attained through the second birth.

The Ebionite HomePage: If you call yourself a Christian, Jew, Messianic believer, Evyonim, Nazarene or Muslim, then it is imperative that you learn of the Ebionites who are True Spiritual Israel -- They are the Poor Ones to the ways and thinking of this world -- The Ebionites were the Israelites of the Nazirene Vow They are/were the Genuine Disciples of Yeshua/Jesus who are in the world and not of it! 

The Nazirene HomePage: The original spiritual teachings of Yeshua/Jesus as practiced by the people of The Way who where known historically as the Essenes, Ebionites, and Nazirenes. The teachings of The Way are Spiritual -- and provide a means to open the "strait gate" into the Kingdom while still physically alive in the body/vessel.

The Tree Of Life - Divine Marriage: The Primary Objective of Life is to be nourished by the Fruit of the Sacred Tree Of Life.  But few seekers have any understanding of how this nourishment must be brought about and accomplished. 

The Outer Darkness And Plato's Cave Of Illusions: Jesus taught that those who fail to put on the Wedding Garment and come to TheCall of the Wedding Feast, are thrown into what the Gospel portrays as the "outer darkness" -- which, when rightly understood, parallels that of the analogy of Plato's Cave of Illusions -- and because our modern culture possesses absolutely no understanding of the implications, it can be stated that modern man dwells in abject ignorance and intellectual poverty.   Why?   Because we fail to understand the great wisdom in the statement in the Gospel of Thomas: (5) Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you..."  And in our failure to understand the nature and reality of what we see, we remain drowning in a sea of confusion.  

The Master Index:  The Index of Nazirene Ebionite web sites and the Original Teachings of TheWay

Original Gospel Sacraments: The Sacraments that are practiced and observed in the Christian Churches today have very little in common with the Original Sacraments instituted by Jesus.   Without putting on the required Wedding Garment, and being nourished by the Eucharist of the Divine Manna that can only be imparted to the seeker/disciple by and in the direct Spiritual Presence of the Son of God while in the Kingdom, the believer will continue to dwell in what Jesus portrayed as the Far Country and Outer Darkness of Mind and Being -- unable to comprehend the Higher Mysteries of the Kingdom -- and unable to attain the subsequent stage of Birth that enables the seeker/disciple to gain entrance into the Kingdom, and inherit the Promise of Entering into Life.

Know Thyself: Jesus declared in the Gospel of Thomas: "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty".   It is for this reason that the second-century Church Father Clement of Alexandria said that it is  “…the greatest of all lessons to know one's self.  For if one knows himself, he will know God; and knowing God, he will be made like God… and that man becomes God, since God so wills”.   When God, in the words of St. Nazianzen, no longer is an “object of wonder”, but rather an “object of desire” -- and we, desiring to be purified from the defilements of this world, make ourselves fit vessels for the Lord to indwell, the Spirit, according to St. Nazianzen, reveals to us our true nature, and the revelation of this manifest Sacred Knowledge makes “us like God; so that when we have thus become like Himself, God may, to use a bold expression, hold converse with us as Gods, being united to us, and that perhaps to the same extent as He already knows those who are known to Him”.  St. Nazianzen then writes that “the Divine Nature then is boundless and hard to understand” by those who are yet carnal and think as natural beings of this world.  

The Ten Words:  That restores the teachings of Jesus and TheWay to their original spiritual environment.

An Inconvenient Truth: One of the most important articles that have been written and exist in our present time -- in spite of those who attempt to censor and inhibit the modern seeker from having access to the Truth and TheWay.   Written by an Original Author of the Gospels, this article reveals what modern authorities will at any cost, censor and suppress.   Why?   Because as counterfeit shepherds, they are carnal and totally earth-bound in their thinking.   Being carnal and spiritually disenfranchised, they don't at all understand -- or possess the knowledge of -- the Great Spiritual Truths revealed in this article. 

Reincarnation, The Key To Christianity: The only eyewitness account written by an Elder in the original Ebionite Community portraying the Death of Christianity -- The Religion of Jesus and the Original Teachings of TheWay.   Because the Emperor of Rome hunted down and murdered the Original Spiritual Christians and all those who opposed the corruption of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay, the Christian world itself has been cast into a Spiritual Diaspora from which it has yet to emerge.

The Church Of The AntiChrist: The Apostle Paul predicted that the Church which portrays itself as Christian, will install the Anti-Christ as the leader of the Church, and the Christian world will worship Satan in place of God.   While the Christian world dwells under the deceptive belief that they freed themselves from the paganism of Rome in the Reformation, the leaders of the Reformation did not at all understand the reality of a purely Spiritual Religion where the objective was to be be in the world and not of it -- using the scriptures as the Key of Knowledge to gain entrance into the Kingdom while still in the body-vessel -- in many respects the reactionary dogma contrived by Martin Luther and the other leaders of the Reformation had the effect of further imprisoning the Church in the abyss of abject carnal ignorance. 

The Bible itself openly rejects and condemns the tenets of belief promoted by the Church.   What is demonstrated is the fact that the vast majority of Christians neither understand the Bible -- and those who do read it, do so through the filter of their dogma and beliefs.   re are 10 words that were altered from their original context in the New Testament that have the power to re-establish the essence of the teachings of Yeshua which was known as TheWay.   These 10 words demonstrate conclusively that the text of the New Testament has been altered and corrupted in order to make it support the doctrines of the Pagan Roman/Greek world.   These 10 words further demonstrate that the essence of the teachings of Yeshua has little in common with the Christian religion today.   In fact, these 10 wordsare to Christianity what the 10 Commandments were to Judaism -- i.e., the foundation from which every other aspect of the religion springs forth! These 10 words prove the Ebionites correct, and modern Christianity which is founded upon 4th century Roman doctrines to be in error.  These 10 words prove that without a return to the essence of Yeshua's original teachings, modern Christians are neither saved, nor do they have the salvation they erroneously believe they do. 

The Consecrated Life is the Path that leads to Wholeness -- and this Wholeness can only be brought about when the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay becomes a mindset and lifestyle that develops the person and brings them to Completion.   In the parable of the prodigal son, the experiences in what is portrayed as the Far Country develops the son -- enables him to prevail and to rule over himself -- and it is this state of Completion within himself that permits him to return to the Edenic Kingdom of the Father.   Each and every person is presently evolving to this state of Completion and Wholeness in the Omega of Perfection, that will permit them to return to their True Source of Being.

The Key Of Knowledge: When Jesus condemned the leaders of the Jews as blind guides, it was because they threw away the Key Of Knowledge.   In the fourth century of our Common Era, the Church of Rome in like manner threw away the Key Of Knowledge -- causing the Christian world to become lost and wandering in what Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of Mind and Being.  

The Light Of Yeshua -- The Messianic Nazirene Disciple of TheWay: While many teach that believers are saved by faith, the journey of the disciple of Yeshua is one of absolute dedication to The Way. The disciple who becomes a brother to Yeshua must live as he lived, and become a Nazirene who is consecrated and wholly set apart as they walk the Narrow Way, enter into the Kingdom through the Strait Gate, and learn directly from the L-rd -- the One Rabbi and Teacher of the Mysteries of G-d.

Divine Strategery: How God Fools Mankind - Keeping Him Ignorant Of The Truth: Strategery has become synonymous with when what is portrayed as simple, simpleminded, or even self-evident, is able to dupe and thwart an opposing force that perceives itself to be either superior, or to suppose they know the answers.   Divine Strategery is how God fools all the religious leaders of this world who think they doctrinally know God -- all the would-be teachers and philosophers of this world who think they Know Truth -- all the Atheists and those who criticize and denounce the existence of God by virtue of their limited perception and understanding -- and all the people in this world who think they understand the purpose of life and the world in which we presently dwell.  As prodigal sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, if the people in this life knew the answers, then the learning experience of God's SchoolHouse of this world would not effectively evolve us to become true Brothers and Sisters of our Elder Brother Yeshua/Jesus.  Therefore, in order to insure that each of us is immersed in the necessary learning experience that this life offers, all people are equally fooled into thinking they know, in order for them to be manipulated into embracing a higher agenda that is beyond their ability to even imagine.   Thus, Divine Strategery!!!


Reincarnation - The Key To Christianity And The The Pre-Existent Soul of Mankind: Jesus taught the reality of the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes. The Church adheres to the doctrine and theology of a Circus Prostitute and a Roman Emperor who maintained absolute control over what Christians were permitted to believe! Christians continue to cling to the theology of this Circus Prostitute today - rejecting the teachings of Jesus, while adhering to the doctrines of Pagan Rome. The mass confusion of an uncountable number of sects today, is the direct result of the void which was brought about when this foundational concept was removed from both the Bible, as well as Christian doctrine. The doctrinal quagmire which was brought about with the removal of this foundational teaching, obstructs Christians growth and maturity beyond the entry-level simple faith. Because they adhere to the corrupted doctrines of men, modern Christians can't inherit the Biblical Promise of entering the Kingdom and Life.

It was said of the Church Father Origen by St. Gregory of Nyssa that he was “the prince of Christian learning in the Third Century” -- and the Encyclopedia Britannica calls him “…the most prominent of all the church fathers”.  But how did he become the man that St. Jerome considered to be “the greatest teacher of the Church after the Apostles”?   According to the soul who lived as Origen, he had previously lived as the disciple and scribe of Jacob who people call James, who was the Brother of Jesus.   And from that life with Jacob, he learned to write scriptures in Hebrew Characters, and he worked on the original source scriptures which has since come to be called the New Testament scriptures of the Bible.   On his web site, Emmanuel Pohorecki reveals not only the accounts of the many lifetimes that he has lived, but also his own journey into the presence of his soul-self -- i.e., his true self who is the Being of Light.   And once again Emmanuel has demonstrated that you don't need to physically die to communicate with, and enter into the presence of your soul-self who is the Being of Light in the Near Death Experience.   And in his soon to be completed article on the Journey of the Soul and Visions from his Higher Self, he will write about what his soul-self has taught him while in the Realm of Souls.   Emmanuel provides other important insights in man's higher reality with his account of his life with Fr. Francis, as a Native American, and as one of the Constitutional Founding Fathers of the United States.

The Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay: The Organizational HomePage of The Nazirene -- the Long Island Mystic, Evangelical Minister, and Prophet of TheWay -- who God bestowed upon him the gift of the recall of his previous life as a Disciple and Brother of Messiah/Christ -- and thus has re-entered this world at the present time in order to restore the Spiritual Essence and Teachings of his Master, Yeshua/Jesus. The Kingdom is within! And we must sojourn the narrow path of TheWay, enter the "strait gate" to the Inner Spiritual Temple, while still alive in the physical body.  Thus, modern Christians have misunderstood the words of Yeshua -- he never said that we must physically die to enter the Edenic Kingdom of Origination -- but rather, we must die to the culture, mindset and ways of this world in order to enter the Kingdom! 

Being Of Light: Who are we?  What are we? From where have we come?  What is our destiny?  To the demise of those who read these words, only a handful of people today can answer these all-important crucial questions correctly! The rest dwell under the cloud of unknowing -- and if you think you are the person whose reflection you see in the mirror, then you are a stranger to your true self and have made yourself part of the illusion of this world. With great wisdom Yeshua/Jesus is quoted in The Books of the Savior, also known as Pistis Sophia (Faith-Wisdom): "Do not cease seeking day or night, and do not let yourselves relax until you have found all the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into Pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."

Gospel of the Nazirenes -- Gospel Of Light: What did the Gospels look like before being edited and re-written by the Church of Rome? What were the original beliefs of the first followers of Yeshua? You will be astonished when you read a surviving text of The Gospel of the Nazirenes which was hidden away from the corrupters of the Roman Church. Are you ready for a truly enlightening experience?

The Orthodox Corruption of the Scriptures: Was the Bible rewritten? Prof. Nestle writes: "Learned men, so called Correctores were, following the church meeting at Nicea 325 AD, selected by the church authorities to scrutinize the sacred texts and rewrite them in order to correct their meaning in accordance with the views which the church had just sanctioned." To ignore the facts is to alienate oneself from the Living Word of God

The Suppressed Teachings On Children: "And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them, and said, Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Mat 18: 2-3).  Because the important teachings on children were removed from the Gospels, it remains virtually impossible for the modern believer to gain entrance into the Inner Kingdom

What Happened To Zackarias? Because the mainstream of Christians can't even begin to answer the question as to what happened to Zackarias?  It remains impossible for them to understand the true reality of the scriptures -- or why the religion of the pre-Nicene Church Fathers was very different than the dogma preached from the pulpits today.   And while the missing account of Zackarias can be easily proven today, the fact that the modern Christians ignores the facts and the truth has had the effect of disenfranchising them from the Kingdom they have been commanded to seek out.

Things Christians Never Tell Jews About The New Testament: Many Jews have been misinformed when they have been warned by Christians that if they don't believe and come to Jesus, they will not inherit salvation and eternal life. Part of this is an error of ignorance -- i.e., because their Christian forefathers were adulterous, and defiled their own covenant with the Lord in the manner of the Jews when they worshiped other gods, they have yet to recover from their spiritual temple being plundered and ravished by the unclean and dark forces of this world. They therefore have lost their own way, and no longer can come into the Presence of the Lord. The Facts: Both Christians and the Jews they have persecuted, condemned, and even murdered over the past two thousand years will be shocked by what they will read herein! What they will learn is a fact that has long confused many sincere students of the New Testament scriptures -- scriptures which are very Jewish in origin -- and because of their very mystical Jewish essence, has long confounded the non-Jews who have championed the Gospel message. To their own undoing, most Christians ignore their own theologians and biblical scholars who have attempted to warn them that the scriptures are paradoxical -- i.e., that in all theological positions there exists two lines of seemingly opposite and conflicting truths presented to the reader -- and those who accept one truth while ignoring the other, will themselves fall into heresy by falling into grave sectarian error with respect to the true meaning of the Gospel message. Thus, those who maintain that there is no salvation apart from belief in the historical Jesus in the manner of modern Christian doctrine, have themselves fallen into the trap of heresy that the very first followers of Jesus warned believers not to fall into! And while it is true that these sectarian vicars of the Church can prove their position by using the scriptures, it is further true that their own scriptures also contain another line of truth that presents an entirely different picture than what the Church has portrayed to the world -- a picture where the opposite is also true.

The Sower And The Seed: Unless you become the "good ground" in the parable of the Sower And The Seed, it will remain impossible for you to comprehend the true spiritual meaning of the Gospel and the higher reality of the soul and the Kingdom of God.

The Secret Doctrine Of Christianity: In the approximate year of 178 of our Common Era, Celsus, the Epicurean Philosopher and opponent of Christianity published a rather embarrassing work in opposition to Christianity known as The True Word or Discourse. It is said that this work was widely published and used by the Pagan world as an attack on the Church. In examination of this document, the modern Christian must initially ask: Who today would accuse the Christian Church of being a “secret system”? No one -- because the Church today has lost its spiritual essence -- and is a mere shadow of its former self over the first three centuries of its existence. Therefore, it is important for us to recognize that such an allegation would be unheard of in our present time.

The Enigma Of The Shepherd Of Hermas: Even though it is said of the Shepherd of Hermas that it was "...the most popular books, if not the most popular book, in the Christian Church during the second, third, and fourth centuries...", it remains unknown to the modern Church. Why? Why was the book that is representative of the core Gospel of the earliest Church, no longer is use today? Because while Hermas reflected the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay, it would be deemed heresy by the modern Church. And when rightly understood, the fact of the matter is that it is impossible for the modern believer, critic, biblical expert or scholar to in any manner understand the message that Hermas bears. Which means that if the Shepherd of Hermas was indeed the most popular scripture in the Gentile Church over the first three centuries, then it can rightly be stated that the modern Church has virtually nothing in common with the pre-Nicene Gentile Church.

Divine Manna:  "To him who overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna" (Rev 2:8-17).  "My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge Because You Have Rejected Knowledge, I Reject You..." (Hosea 4:6).   "Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie" (Rev 22:14).  "Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit" (1 Thes 4:8 NIV)

Gospel Of Thomas:  These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.  And he said, "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."  Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."

The Gate Of Eden: Why were the Nazirene/Ebionites vegetarian?  Why did they live in accordance with the precepts of the Torah/Law?  Why did they live separate and apart from both Jews and Christians?  The answer is very simple: The Gate of Eden is within us, and if we fail to enter therein while we are still physically alive in the body, we will have failed in our opportunity to enter into Life.  And while it can be countered that we are saved by our belief in Messiah/Christ, faith, or the blood of the lamb, the truth is that if we were truly faithful disciples of TheWay, that we would experience the opening of the inner door and the Kingdom coming within us.  The GateOfEden article explores all aspects of the need to pick up one's own cross and follow the narrow path that leads to the inner gate to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination.

What was the Mysteries of the Gospel that Jesus revealed only to the inner core of disciples?   While teaching the multitude of the people only in parables?    "And the disciples came and said to Him, Why do You speak to them in parables? He answered and said to them, Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given" (Matt 13:10-11 NKJ).   As someone who was there, at the time, what is presented in this article is not only far beyond the understanding of any book that you could read, or teacher you could seek out.   what is presented in this article will force you to re-evaluate everything that you thought you knew about both yourself, and the very purpose of life as you think you understand it.   And even more revealing than the three major lies of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that inhibits the people from understanding the foundational essence of all three religions, is an examination of both the lies and profound truths of the emerging scientific world which is for the most part ignored by our cultural icons, because the findings of modern quantum physics confirms the visionary truths of the Mystics which the religious and intellectual worlds have long censored from the common understanding. 

Epistle Of Light - Epistle Of James To Pope John Paul II: 2000 years ago I lived as Jacob the brother of Jesus known as James. I was sent back to bring about the restoration of the Church, and the within letter to Pope John Paul is important for you to read and forward. The pope has the power to bring peace on earth if he releases certain early Christian documents that are in his possession. Jesus is calling out to you to help make the truth known! Will you hear the call?

Light Of Yeshua: The Essence of Messianic Judaism and being Spiritually Torah Observant.  Many Messianic Jews attempt to embrace traditional Christian doctrine with a Jewish facade in an attempt to convert other Jews to a quasi-form of Jewish-Christianity with a Pagan foundation. In view of the fact that the original followers of Yeshua are historically described as “…rejected from one religion as apostates, and from the other as heretics” (Gibbon: Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, v.1, p.416), this conversion to Jewish-Christianity would be a grave error.

The Cross And The Seat Belt: The only mean by which mankind can move beyond his present limitations and struggles with the unknown, is to gain access to the Source of what he observes and interacts with in the world which is in what the mystic and scientist affirm as being the (Etheric) Field that surrounds all matter that we observe with our physical senses.   But to accomplish this, man must develop ways to effectively use his suppressed Intuitive spheres of mind.   Which means that to even begin to tap into the unseen Source, we must move beyond our traditional behaviors, mindset and perception of reality, and begin to embrace untraditional ways that permit the development and use of our suppressed Intuitive facilities of mind.   If what man presently portrays as accidents, can indeed be perceived prior to the event taking place -- and thus, be avoided -- then we will have eliminated the massive suffering and even death that is the result of these episodes of human existence.   And therefore, if the witness of both the Mystic and the emerging scientific evidence is true -- and reality must he sought in the unseen (Etheric) Field as the Source of all events that transpire -- then it becomes imperative for man to begin to develop and evolve those Intuitive spheres of mind that has been abandoned and left atrophied by the linear-only elements of our modern culture.

How Did Jesus Become The Son Of God It is a widely accepted doctrine among Christians today that the disciples and Ebionite Nazirene followers did not comprehend the true nature of Jesus, because they did not proclaim that he was God -- as did the later Gentile converts.   Yet, just the opposite is true -- i.e., the vast majority of Romans and Greeks were too pagan and heathen in their thinking and mindset, to understand the higher spiritual concepts that Jesus and his disciples revealed to mankind.   Even today the problem remains with respect to our inability to understand why Jesus was different than we are. Because Christians cling to the doctrines of Rome, they are unable to answer many important foundational questions that would permit their thinking to evolve beyond what Paul portrayed as the entry-level doctrines of the simple faith that are elementary in their understanding. And while Paul warns that the "natural" (organic) mind of man is incapable of understanding the higher reality of the soul and the Inner Kingdom  -- warning that committed and baptized believers will reject the Mysteries of God as utter "foolishness" -- yet, the modern Church to their own destruction continues to ignore this all-important warning. What enabled Jesus to perform miracles? What enabled him to be able to communicate with the Father? Surely, we conclude, he could not have been a normal man. Therefore, we arrive at the only possible answer from our very limited perspective and conclude that the Jewish disciples and earliest followers of Jesus must have been wrong, and he had to have been God to know all that he knew, and be able to do all that he did. Thus, the flaw in the thinking of the Church is in their inability to envision and comprehend the manner in which mankind grows and evolves to a state of spiritual maturity -- how man, the prodigal son, who was created in the image and likeness of God, his Heavenly Father, begins to take on all the attributes of his Creator and Parent. In not understanding the process by which each of us embraces our eventual destiny, we worship instead of imitating the pattern that Yeshua/Jesus provided for all the prodigal sons and daughters of the Most High to follow.

Lilith - The Demonic Reality Of Feminism: In the Divine Pattern of Creation man and woman are not only equal, but the mental/spiritual level of one polarity directly affects and limits the other.  The spiritual ignorance of many religious groups today is directly in proportion to the failure of men and women to interact and move into a state of spiritual harmony and balance.